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  • AG Foods Renovation – Maidstone, Saskatchewan
  • Cable Tray Bridge
  • Vet Clinic Addition – Goodbrand Land & Cattle Co.
  • Arena Renovation – Village of Mannville, Alberta

Alberta Structural Engineer in Lloydminster

2G Engineering Inc. is a structural engineering firm for both the residential and commercial design of houses, small condos, warehouses, shops, etc. As experienced structural engineers in Lloydminster, we also provide quality assurance for current building projects, making sure that they meet all required codes and that they will be structurally sound once completed.

Building Designs to Meet Safety Requirements
Structural engineering is an engineering field that deals with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads. As structural engineers, we ensure our building designs meet all established safety requirements and can handle several factors including changing climate conditions, fires, wind, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

We focus on whether or not the building will be able to function without excessive movements that may cause cracking or breakdowns of fixtures, fittings or partitions that may cause excessive discomfort or unsafe conditions for occupants. The building must also be examined to ensure the construction corresponds with the plans and specifications, and has been built as per code requirements. We also have to ensure that all of the actual structural elements -- including columns, beams, plates, arches, shells and catenaries -- are all built to adequately support the building’s frame.

Because we’re a small company, we’re able to form closer relationships with local building contractors, and offer more personalized service and experience than a larger company would be able to provide.

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